Great India Expo Plan

Great India Expo Plan ?

Great India Expo, as the name suggests our company in incorporated as an event management company that primarily deals in organizing trade shows like trade fairs, exhibitions, etc.Great India Expo is an experienced player in the exhibition organizing sector led by experienced professionals delivering high value platforms in line with the industry needs and priorities. Great India Expo creates well research, industry need based platforms where buyers and sellers come together to meet. interact, exchange ideas, collaborate and transact business.

GREAT INDIA EXPO, as the name recommends our organization is consolidated as an occasion administration organization that fundamentally bargains in arranging Trade indicates like Trade fairs, presentations, and so on. Great India Expo is an accomplished player in the show sorting out division lead by experienced experts conveying high esteem stages in accordance with the business needs and needs. Great India Expo makes all around inquired about, industry require based stages where purchasers and venders meet up to meet, connect, trade thoughts, team up and execute business. The Trade demonstrates sorted out by Great India Expo fit in well with the showcasing plans giving the truly necessary deals and lead age interface through up close and personal advertising. With our broad involvement in arranging such business occasions and concentrated research forms, we make content driven and significant systems administration stages for your business. Notwithstanding our advertising and administration encounter we have broad media tie-ups, in assembled outline and foundation offices and setting administration assets. We have sorted out and conveyed fruitful occasions in various verticals like Fashion, Art and Crafts, Jewelry, Gifts, Stationery, Office Products, Media and Signage, Education, Real Estate, Toys and Games, Furniture and Interiors, Food and Wine, Machinery, B2B Trade Events, Digital Technology, Country Specific Trade Fairs, Direct Consumer Fairs and some more.

    About the Company

    The company was founded in the year 2007 and was incorporated as an exhibition and event organizer in 2011. The company started with it's first project in West Indias which was an international event in the year 2007. Gradually GIE business had a great take off and we have covred more than 30 countries till date with the number constantly increasing. Over the last eleven years of thorough business, GIE has conducted hundreds of multi-product exhibitions all over the world and has garnered many national and international award and achievements from

  • Chamber of Commerce, Government of India
  • Russian Federation
  • European Countries
  • Sount American Continents etc.

Important Note :

KYC is Mandatory for all IDs for release of timely payment
All Transaction in INR
Get Legal Bond of your Investment
Auto Withdrawal System and No Wallet
No Money Rotation Concept
Actual Generating Revenue
You can check TDS on PAN Card Number
Great India Expo 7 days your amount refund policy
Great India Expo Advertisement available on Newspapers, TV, FM and Delhi Metro etc.

Legal Documents of Great India Expo Plan

great india expo Plan
great india expo Plan
greatindiaexpo Plan

Great India Expo Plan Final Review

The main motto of the Our Company iis to boost up network business and to provide the financial freedom as well as the time freedom.We believe in the power of the individual, and encourage talents to flourish. As a highly motivated Multinational Enterprise, Land Mark Starshas been developing progressive strategies, which unrelentingly create a synergy for the whole Organization.

GREAT INDIA EXPO, as the name suggests our company is incorporated as an event management company that primarily deals in organizing Trade shows like Trade fairs, exhibitions, etc.

Loyalty Packages Interested Users can opt from below mentioned Packages to become the Layalty Users. Capping mentioned along the packages in the maximum Trade profit a loyalt user can receive from the company.

Affiliate Partner Interested Users can opt from below mentioned packages to become the Affiliate partner. Capping mentioned along the packages is the maximum trade Profit an Affiliate Partner can receive from the company

Exhibition Partner Interested users can opt from below mentioned packages to become the Exhibition partner. Capping mentioned along the packages is the maximum Trade Profit an Exhibition partner can receive from the company

Our vision is to produce creative professional in the field of MLM industry Our Company provide you powerful platform & to provide them best environment to act and achieve big as well as to create your present and future to bring happiness in your life.

Our long experience at the top of the events business means we have expertise which reaches across a number of sectors, as well as knowledge of specific protocol and local regulations. But we know that things change, and we are constantly striving to adapt and improve.

Our Mission

Reach new countries, conduct exhibitions and consolidate the in a single dais. Provide a digital plaform to a common businessman to exhibit their products in international market. provide platform to a common businessman to explore the opportunities in international market.

Exhibitions are one of the most effective ways in providing businesses with a segregated community, interested in specific products and services portfolios, Understanding the level o competition in the present global market, GIE provides amazing opportunities to it customers to stand out of the messes. Here we allow usinesses to come dirctly in contact with the customers to find out their exact needs, wants and then create a tailored solution for them. We create a vibrant environment to learn. Learning from the competitors, learning from the clients and learning from the experience. Our team is committed to empower everyone who joins us to achieve success. We encourage each other and work together as a squard.


Great India Expo is unlocking key truths in the changing market space for entrepreneurs, associates and investors. Great India Expo organized over 3150 events, trade shows, and business conferences in 4+ continents around the globe in the last 15 years.

Over 800 experienced associate partners in more than 35 countries worldwide ready to help you and grow your earnings offering customized services for all exportable items of the Indian foreign exporters. 15,000 talented young to old people, associates, and partners are in the pipeline to be part of Great India Expo in India and in various parts of the world.

More than 50,000 small to medium sized exporters are benefited by joining hands with Great India Expo from India and world over.

Over 9500 one-to-one exporters-importers business meetings arranged between foreign buyers –suppliers.

Strong, professional result-oriented network of highly motivated sector-based specialists, are in regular touch with finding prospective clients.

Our Group has organized large scale exhibitions and events at both National and international level. We have successfully covered major parts of the world and have developed well established relations with every country we have stepped in. Moreover, all events organized by the company have been a major success story for all our clients and associates. Below is the list of all the countries and yearly details about our past endeavors.

Great India Expo Agreement

Whereas the Company has spent time money and effort in obtaining and developing knowledge and expertise in the field of organizing the export-Import exhibition and wishes to expand the Provision of the Services / Business.

Whereas the Company is interested in developing its network byassigning affiliates who can work independently as an affiliate of the Company under the brand name of M/s. Great India Expo all over India in different territories under the brand name / Trade name / Trade mark and style of the Company.

Whereas the First Party is desirous of appointing an Affiliate to work independently for its brand name in the territory of the second party. Whereas the Second Party, who has necessary infrastructure to carry out the said job has requested the First Party to appoint them / him / her as affiliate for the said territory.

And Whereas First Party Consider the request of Second Party for appointment as affiliate for carrying out various business activities including the organizing the export terms and conditions set out hereinafter :

  • That the First Party hereby appoints the Second Party as its Affiliate for a Period of three (3) Years commencing from 07-12-2018 to June , 2020.
  • That the Second Party is appointed as Affiliate of First Party only in respect of the giving training to organize export-Import exhibition.
  • That the Second Party shall arrange, take on lease and maintain, at their cost a fully equipped office (s) within the above mentioned territory for maintaining record and other office stationary / stocks on behalf of the First Party.
  • That the Second Party shall invest a sum of Rs. 1,40,000/- with the First Party and second party shall be entitled to receive only a variable business promotion fund which may vary from 12% Monthly from the business of the First Party.
  • The Second party shall be not claim or withdraw the amount more than the agreed amount between the parties.
  • The second party on termination / determination of the contract after settlement of account and if no material or money is found due from him / her/ them at the time of finalization of accounts, Any wilful damage caused to the customer due to mishandling or negligent act by the Second Party or its employees shall be borne by the second party only and the first party shall be entitled to recover the amount from mutual consent / by initiating legal proceeding in a competent court of law.
  • The Second party undertakes not to misuse the date or amount received by it at any point of time without the consent of the First Party and all other taxes local or national shall also be borne by the second party .
  • The Second party shall use or display name / sign-boards of first party prominently marked as “AFFILIATE OF (M/s. Great India Expo )” in the office, public Documents Invoices, challans etc.
  • That the Second party shall have following duties, responsibilities and obligations under this Agreement and in respect of the business :
    • To receive cash / RTGS / D.D. on behalf of the first party.
    • To arrange a well settled office for the proper maintaining record and other Business activities.
    • To Forward regularly to the First Party of all the amount received along with all documents of the customers.
    • To forward the First Party daily report regarding the transactions held in respect of the business plan of the First Party as per format / Performa provided by the First Party for this purpose.
    • To acquire and install all the necessary equipment used for communication and other official activities.
    • To maintain confidentiality in respect of the names and addresses of the Customers along with the data, in the territory
  • That the Second party shall have the following additional responsibilities and obligation’s :
    • To maintain proper and separate accounts books to record various transactions that are to take place under this Agreement.
    • To report to the First Party in case of any difficulty faced by the Second party.
    • To prepare and forward to the First Party the daily statements giving the volume / value of the products received, dispatched and the case/ cheque collected for investment on behalf of the first Party.
    • To allow representatives of first party / its Auditors / bank officials and any other such authorized persons, to conduct inspection / verification of Account statement.
    • To Supply / provide the accurate information / Statement of account to first party.
    • To undertake to conduct its obligations under this agreement in compliance with all laws, rules, orders and regulations issued pursuant there to and it shall be its sole responsibility to obtain any administrative permit or authorization which may be required for the normal conduct of its operations.
    • To bear all expenses incurred in connection with and incidental to the discharge their obligations under this agreement.
    • The Second party here by undertakes that they would not directly or indirectly of their own or in association of any nature what so ever with any third party or in the employment of third party or any joint venture etc. Do any business, which is subject matter of this agreement, or any similar business as that of the First Party during the currency of the present agreement. It is further agreed by the second party, that in the event of breach of this condition, the first party shall be entitled to move the appropriate court to seek suitable damages and injunction against the second party from carrying out the same or similar activites during the aforesaid period in addition to the right of the First party to terminate the present Contract by giving 24 hours notice .
  • Subject however to what has been mentioned elsewhere in the present Agreement, the First Party assures the Second Party to give its level best performance.
  • The second party shall appoint all its marketing team for the promotion of the business entirely at its own cost and the first party shall have no concern with party a monthly bill giving particulars of the commission earned as well as other expenses occurred in a calendar month by the 10th day of the succeeding calendar month. And the first party ensure that the commission will be paid on or before 15th of every month. The commission will be subject to GST (presently_ %) as applicable which shall be deducted from the commission payable and deposited with the concerned authorities as prescribed under law.
  • Save as indicated above, the Second party shall not be entitled to any other remuneration, reimbursement or any monetary benefit for any work/ services rendered under this Agreement. However, the Second Party shall be entitled to recover form the distributor any or all such local taxes so realized by him/ her form the customers into government treasury or bank in accordance with the appropriate local laws in his/ her territory. The first party shall have nothing to do with the realization or deposit of such taxes. The second party shall furnish every month a copy of the deposited challans as proof of payment of such government dues along GST Registration Numbers.
  • On the expiry of the term of this Agreement or its earlier determination as set out hereinafter, the Second party shall return forthwith all the Data as well as equipments provided by the First party. The Second party shall also hand over all the books, documents registers and other papers pertaining to this Agreement.
  • The First Party shall not be deemed to have waived their rights not the Second party exonerated from its obligations, from the failure of the First party to enforce strict observance of the terms of the Agreement by the Second Party.
  • That either party can terminate the agreement after giving a one month notice in advance to the other party. No such notice will be so given as to terminate the contract during the months of March. In such an event both the parties shall reconcile and settle the accounts within six weeks after expiry of notice period.
  • Without prejudice to the above, the first party may forth with terminate this agreement immediately upon happening of one or more of the following events without notice or compensation to the Second party after giving reasonable opportunities to show cause for such happening.
    • Should the Second party in the opinion of First party become incapable of carrying out this agreement and the duties there under or its position at any time be such as in the absolute it Affiliate Agent or in the event of any breach of any of any of the teams discretion of the first party render it inexpedient to continue to act as and covenants contained herein.
    • Should there by any alteration in the composition of the Second party unless such alteration shall have first been agreed to by the First Party in writing.
    • Should the Second party fail to carry out any instructions given to it for proper working of this Agreement within a period of 30 days after being required in writing by the First Party to do so.
    • Should the Second party / its employees be found to violate the terms and condition of this agreement between the parties. The owner / employees of the Affiliate Agent / Second party. In such event the First Party reserves the right to claims exemplary a punitive damages from the second party.
    • Should be Second party be any way associated with any other individual or body corporate / association / dealing in same business of the First party.
  • The Second party shall not use the same / similar name, mark, trade name, get up or device under which the first party is carrying out the business under this Agreement or in relation to any other business the Second party may be dealing, except to the extent it is allowed under the present agreement specifically.
  • The Second Party shall not authorize or permit to use the First Party’s name or any other trade mark, trade name or logo owned by first party as part of its firm, corporate of business name in any way or make any such representation, either during the currency of this Agreement or after its expiry.
  • The Second party shall comply with all the formalities required under ant local registers and also submitting necessary returns to the concerned authorities. In the Second party to comply with the requiremen6t, the Second party shall remain fully liable and shall also keep first party indemnified against any risk, harm or loss or cost arising there from.
  • All the persons employed, hired or engaged by the second party to carry out its functions and obligations under this Agreement shall remain the employees of the second party. The Second party shall ensure that it pays the salary and other dues to the said persons and also complies with the statutory requirements in respect of such persons. The First party shall have no obligation or responsibility of what soever nature in this regard.
  • No person engaged or employed by the Second party for or in connection with the performance of the Second party’s obligations arising under this Agreement shall become or be deemed to the First party’s agent, representative, employee or servant. The Second party shall have exclusive liabilities and responsibilities of all obligations of their respective employees including but not limited to factories Act, ESI, PF, Gratuity, bonus and other labour legislations. The First party shall have no liabilities whatsoever in this regard at any point of time.
  • The Agreement shall not be construed so as to constitute Second party as the partner / director , or representative of the First party for any, other purpose whatsoever save as provided in this agreement. And Second party agrees that it has no authority to assume or to i9ncur any obligations or responsibilities express or implied, for or no behalf of or in the name of First party, or to bind or attempt to bind first party in any manner except for the purpose of this agreement.
  • The Second party shall have no right to enter into any contract or commitment in the name of or on behalf of the First Party or to bind it in any respect whatsoever which might run contrary or in excess of the covenants of this agreement.
  • The Second party hereby unconditionally agrees that neither it management no its employees no anyone else related / associated with the Second party at any time during the commencement of this Agreement or thereafter for times to come, shall not use, misuse, duplicate, divulge or part with directly, or indirectly in writing or otherwise, for consideration or for any other reason any information, trade secrets, marketing date e.g. lists of distributors, customers, details of sales data, technical information, calculations, know-how or any other information confidential or otherwise concerning the business affairs of first party or of its associates or principals, which may have come to the knowledge of the second party at any point of time during its association / agreement with first party.
  • It has been agreed and confirmed by the Second party that it shall not utilize the services of the employees of First party, both existing or ex-employees in any capacity either as an employee or as consultant / advisor or in any other capacity for consideration or otherwise or be in any way connected with such person either in Indian or abroad, however insignificant such linkage may be, If the first party at any point of time comes across such connections, it may take any suitable actions aganist second party. The decision of First party will be final in this regard and shall be binding on the Second party.
  • The Second party shall not communicate or transmit or reveal any information relating to documents, procedures, lists, manuals, bulletins, forms that belong to first party which may come to the hands of second party by virtue of this Agreement to any Third party without the prior written consent of first party.
  • This Agreement is confined only to the present legal status of the Second party and limited to the terms and conditions contained therein. None of the Second party’s interests or rights herein under may be transferred, conveyed or assigned without prior written consent of first party. In case of passing of the ownership or changing of constitution for any reason whatsoever, the Second party shall obtain approval of First party in writing, which shall not be unreasonably denied. The Second Party shall also neither make any partners or business associates as partners without written consent of First party.
  • If a share or interest in transferred or Second party transfer its rights and obligations under this agreement without having received the approval or consent as the case may be or in connection with inheritance, partition etc, approval in not received afterwards, then first party shall have the right to terminate this agreement without any notice period.
  • The Second party agrees to hold first party and its officials harmless and indemnified against any and all claims, actions, damages or other liabilities that may arise out of Second party’s negligent / careless conduct of its obligations which run contrary to the term and conditions of this agreement.
  • This agreement shall be independent and self- operative without prejudice to or being prejudiced by any other agreement or understanding or appointment given by the First party to the Second party.
  • That in case of any dispute or difference with respect to or in reference or relating to this agreement or interpretation of any of the terms of the Agreement the same shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and its subsequent statutory modification. All Such proceedings shall be subject to jurisdiction of courts in New Delhi only and the seat of the Arbitrator (s) shall be at Delhi only.
  • That any terms of Agreement provided herein can be amended or varied by a regular addendum executed on a regular stamped paper or by resolution in writing signed by both the parties hereto without executing a fresh deed of Agreement. Any such resolution or addendum under the signature of both the parties hereto shall be considered as part of this Agreement and shall be binding on both the parties hereto.

IN WITNESS WHERE OF the parties hereto have signed this Agreement on the day, month and year first herin above written in the presence of

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